Technology as Strategy

Your business is our priority. We will elevate your model and take it to the stars. 

Consulting You Can Trust

When the job is done, it is done. We are not interested in stringing along your project. We value you, your time, and your goals and work to reach them efficiently.

We are the go-to solution to companies -particularly non-profit making organisations and governments’ contracts- that are going through hard times trying to realise their utmost objectives and goals. We provide workable solutions.

Industries We Serve

Nonprofit Organizations

We utilize our innovative approach to technoloty to transform your nonprofit’s community impact

Small Businesses

To often inundated workflows affect your bottom line. We provide more efficient solutions

Government Contracts

We work with both State and Federal governments. Our NAICS code is 5415 sic Code 8742 and Cage 82JG3


Our Approach

Mintaka Solutions is a company that is passionate about using modern technology to provide complete analysis on an organisation, assist in charting a successful course and offer tailor-made professional suggestions for dealing with pressing needs as well as accomplishing future goals.

Our Mission

Powerfully redefining the idea of taking it to the next level.

Principal Owner

Othniel Tucker

Principal Owner

David Cavins

Our Leadership

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