IT Consulting

We will give you important advice on how you should run your business (implementing tech-based strategies). We incorporate the latest and most relevant technology systems into your business. Our team  can help predict outcomes when your business utilizes the right tech-based systems.


Virtual CIO/CTO

We provide C-suite and lead team services, including IT planning, budgeting, design, polices and procedures.

At Mintaka, we begin our client evaluation process by understanding your business goals. We ask certain relevant questions about your business and get answers that provide long-term solutions. Our Virtual CIO gathers the necessary information required to promote the growth of a business.

Custom Solutions

At Mintaka, we provide custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs and requirements effectively. We ensure that we deliver the most relevant information and vital technological tools to our clients for an efficient business system.


We offer data driven and technology-based solutions to various organisations, although we give priority to non-profits and government contracts. Our clients include a wide range of non-profit making organisations, and contracts that focus on improving the social well-being of humanity.

To ensure effectiveness in service delivery, we are open to offer services to organisations that are within the United States of America.

Mintaka Solutions primarily offers services to non-profits and government contracts. However, we offer other services including organising and managing fundraising campaigns, data management, migration and integration. We also measure organisations’ performances and make data driven professional recommendations that will improve performance. 

Our team consist of multi-disciplinary personnel, who are always committed to working tirelessly to improve and sustain the quality of our services. We are passionate about increasing our knowledge base constantly; investing in our human resources and making innovations that will help us fulfil the goals of our clients thereby fulfilling our own objectives.

Mintaka Solutions places utmost value on relationships. One of our mission is to build calculated connections with businesses that have specialised abilities, of which we are working tirelessly to fulfil. We have well mapped out plans about the corporate organisations we look forward to collaborating with to give our clients the best professional experience.